Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rudolph came by early

may 15, 08 thursday

My 12 year-old fat cat Mok just pawed me. Claws and all. He looked me straight in the eye, which I mistook for the look of love, and wham! In a quarter of a second, paw with (sharp!) claws hooked my right nostril.

OOOUUCHH! What the..! Effrgfghffghgehehrrgg! *%#$@?+!

My nose bled a bit. And now the tip looks red and slightly swollen.


All I did was lay my head beside his, like I always do, and looked adoringly into his eyes. Obviously he didn't feel the same way. And the paw with claws came flying towards my nose.

The bleeding has stopped. But now it's throbbing slightly.

So I'm going to look like Rudolph this weekend (and it's a long weekend-Wesak!)


I look like Rudolph!!

Greefhhgfergheg! %$&#@$!

I love you Mok, but really...!


(Now where's my Gamat cream??)