Sunday, May 11, 2008

Husband-less weekend

may 11, 08 sunday
Husband J is away this weekend in Langkawi so I am free to do whatever I please! Not that I didn't when he is around...but you know, I still needed to think about what to feed the hubs and all that. Most times, he is on his notebook anyway, Earth Googling or playing Point-and-Click games (I know, I married a Grade A nerd!).

This weekend, coincidentally, my sister's husband is away too. So we have 2 husband-less sisters in the city...what to do...what to do....What else?? EAT!

We had an over-rated breakfast at Le Meridien (so that sister could use her discount from her hotel card). She had some "croque" thingy with eggs - it looked good and certainly was different than the usual. I had the usual....poached eggs on WHITE bread (when I asked for wholemeal), veal sausages and beef bacon.My Gawd, my meal was incredibly ordinary!! We should've picked up our lazy asses, drive to Westin, have brekkie there and hang out at the Pavillion mall.

Oh! Well!

In the evening, sister rang again, said she was hungry. So we decided to go to Delicious at Bangsar Village 2. We had the afternoon tea for 2 which had sandwiches, scones, biscuits, fruits dipped in chocolate and one dessert (we picked the usual - Banofie Pie). When we had the tray served to us, I saw a fresh tray of Pavlovas at the counter. I went nuts! But I wasn't sure how they would taste like so decided against exchanging the Banofie Pie with a Pavlova. I didn't want another bad food experience after this morning.

By the time I reached home, I was so stuffed it wasn't even funny. Rung up best friend Liza to cancel tonight. Husband J called and said he'd be home Sunday evening and was hoping I'd cook him something. Aiyah! Just when I thought I could get away with not cooking at all! So I thought...ahhh...the usual, the quickest, the famed spaghetti olio with bits of pepperoni and cili api!

Sigh. I wish my life was a bit more exciting than this...