Monday, May 12, 2008

Cili Api is here to stay!

may 12, 08 monday
Check that out...I have a signature dish!! Lil 'ol me...who couldn't even turn on the stove...and now I have a signature dish!! *Giggle*

According to husband J, this is my 'signature dish'.

Here are some of the stuff I use for my 'signature dish'. What I normally use are broccoli, carrots, capsicum, zucchini. Of course the staple, pasta (!!!), garlic and cili api. Husband J is a big fan of cili api and everything I make for him have to have cili api. Even roast has to be smothered in cili api! And I can't take hot food or too much spice. Stomach ache!! Husband J likes when I add in the pepperoni. I like the tuna. So I rotate with whatever's available.

Throw all that in the frying pan with olive oil, stir stir stir. Voila!
Salt and pepper. Basil. Parsley.

Ready to serve.

Served some to sister. She couldn't even taste my pasta! She said it was too hot that it was burning her tongue! Well, I might have over did it with the cili api, but my crazy hubby seemed to love it.

Too much cili api! I thought so too (was burning my tongue), but the man of the house likes it that way, sooooo......

The cili api is here to stay, I guess..