Monday, May 19, 2008

Chicken farm fever

may 19, 08 monday
American Idol season 7 is coming to an end. And if you have been living under a rock, the finale is between tween king David Archuletta and hot rock king David Cook.

And StarWorld was running Idol marathon for 3 days, ending last night. The marathon was from the preliminary rounds right through the end when we found out the two Davids are up against each other. It was nothing but Idol, Idol, Idol the entire weekend, and I had that stupid exit song (played over the farewell montage) kept playing in my head over and over and over...

Like anyone who appreciates talent over looks, I'm so besotted with David Cook. He has that smug, cocky look and he knows how to belt it out. The man has talent and a huge future ahead of him. And as competitions like Idol go,we all know that the tweens are the ones who are voting. So the win is slightly slanted to cute-but-boring-and-soppy David Archuletta. Though in my heart, I hope the talented Cook will win. But even he didn't, we also know that he will do better than Archuletta anytime.
We all love bad boys, don't we?? So here's hoping for the hot Cook to win.

**Note: Past Idol runner-up Bo Bice performed his latest single, Witness. Awesome rock song! Wonder if his latest effort will hit our shores??


On the other end of the spectrum...

Switch over to Astro Ria, and there's Akedemi Fantasia.


What a difference!

From production to the talents, AF is incredibly stale and boring. The contestants can't sing to save their lives, and it is so obvious that they just want to be famous. No talent, kampung-like no class wannabes. How are we ever to cultivate good local singers? With the exception of the very few like Reshmonu and Jaclyn Victor, the Malaysian entertainment industry is an embarrassment!

After 12 years in the business, I can't wait to get out of this chicken farm!