Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Damn sty in the eye!

may 27, 08 tuesday
I have a big fat sty in my right eye. Upper lid to be exact. It's irritating. It hurts a bit.

Some people say you get sty's because your body is 'over-heated'. I read on the Internet, that sty's develop from a bacteria only found in your ummmm......nose bugger.

I know. Eew.

And seeing that I love 'pointing at my brain' (especially when I am driving), I am going to go with the latter.

My trainer Ela, who is a champion at home remedies, advised that I take fresh turmeric (kunyit), pound a small portion, rub the pounded stuff on a clean towel and press it against the sty. It helps as a cooling agent and the antiseptic in the turmeric will calm the inflammation.

I've actually tried it before and it worked!!

Just having to do that a couple of times a day is a drag. And going to Giant to get the turmeric is another story.

So in my experience, this sucker will subside on its own. And I hope it won't grow any bigger.

Die, sty! Die!