Monday, May 5, 2008

Pour some Oud on me anytime!

may 5, 08 monday
Yeah, OK. I'm a weird one. I like the thought of living in the Middle East. Maybe not Saudi-I don't think I can dress myself like a sack of potatoes. But I think the notion of living in any of the Gulf States is romantic, though I have friends who will refute that in a second. Mom thinks I am twisted in the head. Well, I might be off my head, but there's nothing that puts a smile on face faster than the smell of the popular Arab-scent, oud.

My obscene obsession with anything Middle Eastern stemmed visits to Saudi Arabia. Minus the bloody hijab and the ridiculously rigid culture against women, I find life in Arab-land(s) exotic. Mind you, not all Arab states is Saudi Arabia. Everywhere else is a bit more ....ummm...forward, progressive, open. Though I must admit, if I did stay in any of the Gulf States, I still need to change my lifestyle a bit...the culture is still a bit more conservative than what I'm used to. (And my lifestyle is anything but conservative!)

But I am intrigued with the Arab culture, its people, and their way of life. And I'm always curious with anyone wearing oud.It's a kind of scent that the Arabs love putting on. According to Mom, it smells pungent. She hates it. And I love it!! I've smiled at many Arab (Saudi?) men in Mecca and Madina when they passed by me and the smell of oud tickled my nostrils. It has a musky strong smell and I find the scent so sexy! Mom was right. I am a bit twisted. In the head.

I walked into the Body Shop one day and taa daa! Saw one of their perfume oils labelled 'Rose Oud'. I took a whiff, and had to hold myself back. It wasn't as strong as how the Arabs would normally wear it. It had a tinge of oud and plenty of rose scent. Still, the oud scent was present and I instantly bought it. I wore it to work, and immediately got unfavourable comments from colleagues alike.

Bah! I'm still using that scent.