Saturday, May 24, 2008

Miss Grumpy Me

may 24, 08 saturday
This should be my emblem. My logo.

My Gawd, I am a grumpy pot! And the excuse I always give is I am PMS-ing. Which is weird. Because I am usually grumpy around that time of the month. (And during most early mornings at work. But that's a different story altogether..).
So it is PMS.
But husband J refuses to take PMS as an excuse. Yeah. He has a point.
Today, we argued about meat. Correction. I argued about meat. I had set my heart on making roast lamb (or beef) for dinner tonight. We went to The Grocer at Bangsar Village after breakfast and I found a RM91 boneless lamb leg. No! Looked around, no beef looked interesting enough for me to do a roast with.
So I decided to drop husband J off at BSC to look for a cheaper lamb meat (or beef). And he came back with chicken. I was annoyed. I didn't know what to do with chicken. And he said (which set me off) "Look in the Internet".
OK, granted. That was not a reason to get pissed off. But I am PMS-ing remember? Lame, yes, I know. Anyway, I went off at husband J, saying something like, "If I wanted chicken I would have bought chicken. If I wanted to find out the recipe, I would have looked for it myself on the 'net! You didn't need to tell me!!!" Bla! Bla! Bla!
Many hours later (I went out and found a cheaper lamb meat elsewhere), I realised the blow up was out of line.
To say it will never happen again, is like saying Malaysians will adopt a better driving attitude tomorrow. Yeah, it'll never happen. But I am aware of it. And I try to be better. Husband J has been smart at handling my little 'psycho' outbursts. He just ignores me and let me fester for awhile. And for that I am grateful.
So maybe next time, I'll write about arguments that are worth reading about. Fighting about meat surely isn't!