Tuesday, May 13, 2008

BIG dreams are made of these

may 13, 08 tuesday
I have been reading this one particular blog from a girl alone in the Middle East and she documents her adventures and experiences in a blog, and I was inspired!

Which was how this blog came to be!

I envy her. For having the opportunity to live in an exotic place like the Middle East. For living through the frustrations of being in a different country. For experiencing a whole new culture. For being able to document her day-to-day journey away from home.

And this is the reason why I decided to write a blog - hoping one day I too will write about my experiences living in a different culture. (Hopefully, an exotic culture). I know, it all sounds so romantic, and the truth most times, is far from it. But let me experience it before I completely dismiss it as a mistake.

My dream is to write about people I meet. Places I go. I believe my life has to be more exciting than waking up early for a radio show, or throwing cili api into a bowl of spaghetti! C'mon! I was born to have an adventure! Just like husband J. Away from home, friends and family. Away from his comfort zone. That's what I want.

I visit this girl's blog quite often, hoping she would update with more interesting stories. She's quite good at updating often and I always get excited when there's a new header on the blog.

So hopefully, it won't be long till I write about my travels, and the people I meet. I'm dying to break the routine that is my life now. I'm dying to live the world!

Boy! I have big dreams...

I stop now. If I continue, I'll be depressed :(