Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beauty Binge: Lip service.

I prefer tinted lip balms on most days. They're a bit more comfortable and low maintenance. Sometimes, I'd wear an intense smokey eye, and will slather on only Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on my lips!! (Still worked in my opinion!)

I got that Kieh's lip balm when they first opened their flagship store at Pavillion. I've read many good things about their lip balms, so naturally I was *thrilled* when I saw this included in my goody bag. Long story short, it's sitting on my table collecting dust. It's far from the stellar lip balm written in the reviews. The texture is way too runny for my liking, it doesn't last long enough, and it's not as moisturising for me, not that I have dry lips. Thank Gawd I got this for free!! I wouldn't waste my moolah on this.

Here are my two favourite tinted lip balms:

NYX Tinted LipSpa in Hush. MAC Tendertones in Honey Bare.

I don't quite fancy the packaging on the MAC one. In fact, I just don't like pots; I dislike sticking my fingers in a product! I think they're way too unhygienic! The MAC lip balm is a handbag essential, and I reach for it very often. These shades are barely-there shades on my pigmented lips, but they feel oh-so-good and light. I might get another LipSpa from NYX. Maybe a more pigmented one.

Can't live without these:

Carmex Clickstick. Crazy Rumors lip balm.

Seriously, I can't sleep if I haven't slathered either one on! Carmex is an ol' fave. I was using the classic (in a yellow pot) when I was a student in the US. Saved my lips from being horribly chapped! I was delighted to find this brand in a form of a clickstick. Crazy Rumors lip balm was not love at first sight, but now I'm so loving this lip balm! I bought it because everyone raved about their balms. It's darn creamy and does a fantabulous job at keeping my lips moisturise. Mine is in Irish Cream and I *love* the taste!!

Then there are these two duds from jane...

jane Be Pure Mineral Lip balms.

They taste waxy, have no sheen whatsoever to the texture but the colour payoff is quite good. I still use 'em, when I need a little more colour but don't want to reach for a lipstick.

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