Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beauty Binge: CS Smacks didn't rock my lips.

So, I thought I'd amuse myself and get one these lip glosses from Coastal Scents.com.

To be honest, I wasn't really wowed by the product but yeah, I was curious. Coastal Scents' Smacks lip glosses come in a variety of shades and it was almost impossible to choose one as the pictures didn't really show the true colours.

*image from coastalscents.com*

I decided to go safe - pick a shade closest to my natural lip colour. Mega Mauve looked like it could be it so I ordered one.

Let's start with the positives first. I liked the brush applicator any day. It applies the gloss better and more evenly onto my lips. No clumps, no mess, pretty easy, pretty smooth.

I liked the colour! Mega Mauve was almost an exact match to my natural lip colour. It even made my lips looked better, even though it is not a pigmented gloss!

Buuuuut! Overall, I am not impressed at all with this lip gloss.

The size is tiny! Granted I probably won't use up the stuff anytime soon, but this looked like a sample than the real thing.

I didn't quite like the formula of the gloss either. Too runny, a little too sheer, not sticky enough enough for me so the gloss lasted for about half an hour on my lips before just leaving a dull sheen. I like my glosses a little stickier, like MAC's Lipsglass or Lancome Juicy Tubes, as the shine is better and they last longer. This, I hate to say, is your typical cheapo gloss. Heck, I've even tried cheaper glosses perform better than this!!

I think this would be good to throw in your handbag, as it it is small in size, and can be used for touch-up and such, but if you prefer glosses that go the extra mile without having to re-apply every 10 minutes, you may be disappointed with this.

Me, I'm just glad I didn't go nuts and buy a whole lot of shades. Thank Gawd I was sensible enough to just get one for a try-out.

Coastal Scents Smacks lip glosses retail for $2.95 on Coastalscents.com.