Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beauty Binge: Wild Expressions.

Don't knock the cheap stuff because chances are they're the ones that will knock your socks off. I learned that a long time ago, when I used to scoff at folks buying up Wet n' Wild and/or other cheap brands. I remember Wet n'Wild from way back in college where I would buy up their 99 cents eyeliner pencils in multiple colours. They were hard and of poor quality, but hell, they were cheap. Plus I was a college student in a far-away land, I had to save up for a jar of Creme de LaMer from Saks 5th Avenue, which didn't leave me with much! Those were the days ...

Today, Wet n' Wild is still cheap, but have survived amongst a sea of other cheapo brands. They've stepped up their game, still sellin' them for dirt cheap through ugly-@s$ packaging, but the stuff inside will make you go "Hoooooooooooo m'Gaaaaaaaaawd!!"

I don't have a ton of Wet n' Wild stuff, but the ones I do have, have yet to disappoint me. I enjoy using them, and enjoy it more that I don't have to sell my left arm for a product that delivers. These babies are cheap, but they work expensive, ya know?!

I was so reluctant to get their 8-colour palette Ultimate Expression Eyes. Not because they're not good, but there are 8 colours in one palette. Anything more than 5 colours in a palette will confuse the heck out of me, so how am I going to use 8 colours???

For $4.99 a piece, you get 8 highly pigmented colours. So let me get to the usual questions asked when it's cheap:

No they're not chalky at all.

No they're not hard, in fact they're darn silky.

No you don't get fall outs.

No they're not hard to blend.

No they do not smell.

No they don't fade after an hour, but like any shadow, drugstore or high end, you can make them last even longer when you use a good eye primer underneath.

No they do not make your lids go dark because they're cheap. *excuse me while I roll my eyes*. Use a good remover to take off eye make up, then your lids won't darken overtime!

No you won't get cooties because they are cheap. *lemme roll my eyes again*

Yes they come in the ugliest packaging, but so what! They are freakin' awesome!!

I started out getting this plum/purple-ish pallete called Paradise Cove.

Wet n' Wild Ultimate Expressions in Paradise Cove.

The 2 light colours on your left are a little sheer, but they make great highlight colours. Not too stark or too white that'll make you look odd. I like using the bottom left in lilac (?) on my lids. Ver-ry pretty! The other 2 on the right have more shimmers than all the other colours. My favourite colour is the burgundy colour (2nd from the top). The 4 middle colours are crazy pigmented and so silky!

Third's time a charm with this palette!

Wet n' Wild Ultimate Expressions in Sand Castle.

Both times, my order shattered in the mail, and no thanks to's atrocious packing skills, I nearly gave up on the idea of owning this palette. I consoled myself saying it's a bronze/gold/natural palette, and I am not a fan of natural colours. This is called Sand Castle and it has a little more shimmery fillers than the other palettes. The colours can be quite frosty but super-pigmented. I didn't get "true" natural colours, thank Gawd! This palette is far from boring.

But yes, this palette is just as gorgeous, and as silky, although I suspect, softer and more fragile as it shattered on me twice before! I finally lucked out with which started carrying Wet n' Wild products and they are much better at packing their stuff! My Sand Castle finally came to me in one beautiful piece!

Cute feature with these palettes, the mirror slides out at the bottom!

I initially though this was one cheap gimmick, but the mirror proved to be quite useful when I am applying my eye shadow!

These come in 3 colours - I have 2 as you can see. The other one is a more of a green/blue palette, not so shimmery, but the colours are still very pretty.

They retail for $4.99, if your buying online, you can find these at (bad packing!) and *Don't get these confuse with the cream shadow palette - they look similar, but I hear the cream palettes suck big time!*

Have a great day!



nia said...

i had Paradise Cove too, but gave it to my lil sister, cuz it was just meh in my opinion, the colors dont show much on me (or may be cuz im becoming a brand snob? gasp!)

anyhooo, its cool that you love yours, for me they're just so-so. but Sand Castle looks quite good, especially the second color in the middle - looks like gold color? (i'm a sucker for gold shadows. teehee)

/nia/ said...

Nia: Owwwh, it's just too bad yours didn't work for you. I find these awesome, and they work like any high end brand shadows on me. Oh! Well! Thanks for dropping in Nia!