Monday, August 10, 2009

Beauty Binge: Brow story.

Some 15 years ago, the makeup artist who was "doing my face" at the time told me, "if you don't dress up your brows, you might as well don't put on any makeup!", whilst attending to the "bushes" that were my brows.

'Till today, my brows always seemed to get neglected, although they are a little more in shape now. I almost always forget to dress them up. I don't have sparse brows, but they do tend to thin out at the ends, making me look like I have short brows. As much as some of us (me!) don't think they're all that important in my makeup routine, eye brows shape your eyes and face. Groomed brows make your look complete. So it's important to keep them neat, tidy and groomed, and at the right shape for your eyes and face. I do the upkeep on my own now, have never gone for threading and the like, but I do have a fabulous facialist who would help me shape and trim my brows when she's cleaning out my pores! :D

I started using the powder brow kit from The Body Shop because I've heard so many good things about it. I didn't get the regular one, and it was soon discontinued, but later found it was re-launched with fancier packaging and a "limited edition" price tag. It IS a great kit, but later found out pulling out a brow brush to apply brow powder was waaaaaaay too tedious for everyday work! I had to also be very lighthanded with the darker powder because it was very very pigmented.

I then started using the Brow Stylist from Loreal, with the build-in spoolie at the end. This cuts the routine into half and I was quite happy using this, except the colour (light brown) was kinda too light for me, and the staying power was kinda bad. The pencil was a little hard as well, it sucked, but I tolerated. I would alternate this with The Body Shop's brow kit.

Loreal Brow Stylist in Light Brown.

I was buying (more!) Wet n' Wild products when I saw this brow pencil and thought, why not, after all it's less than a buck. I looked around blogs and such, and found that Taupe was a popular choice so I quickly picked this up.

Wet n' Wild Kohl Brow - Eyeliner in Taupe.

Let me tell ya, I have yet to get a dud from Wet n' Wild. They may be super cheap with gawd-awful packaging, but Lawd, they knock my socks off!! This is a fa-bu-lous, no-fuss brow pencil! It applies so smoothly, so creamy and the waxy consistency keeps my brows in place. No tugging and pulling. The colour is purrr-fect, as I have dark brows, this makes them look natural. The pencil is longer than your usual pencils so this can last quite a while.
Wet n' Wild Brow pencil with Ecotools Lash & Brow Groomer.

If I were to be a bit picky, I wished this came with a spoolie like the Loreal Brow Stylist, then it would be perfect. But then again, this would give me a reason to use my Lash & Brow Groomer from Ecotools instead of it sitting in my brush pot collecting dust. So it all works out. I am so happy my perfect brow pencil is less than a buck but then again, pencils are something I try not to splurge on. This stuff is great!! Now I don't have a reason to neglect my brows anymore, haha! :)

Have an awesome day!!



Connie De Alwis said...

when you're done with your Body Shop brow kit, perhaps you could try elf Studio! I'm using that and so far I'm quite happy with it :D Anastasia's powder brow kit is really good too but since elf does the job, I don't bother. I used to neglect my brows too but now I realize that the brows do make the entire look come together. Now I won't bother to have any makeup unless I groom my brows. hehe said...

ELF Studio Brow kit?? Ooooooh, now you've made me nostrils tinker!