Monday, August 17, 2009

Beauty Binge: ELF Mineral Eye Primer.

I was going to wait a little more before I review this because I didn't want to write about another ELF product, but ever since my last post where I featured the ELF Mineral Eye shadow Primer in the last Makeup of the Week, I've been getting a number of questions regarding this new product.

Here's another item that's always out of stock on the ELF website. The ELF Mineral Eye shadow Primer is newly added under their Mineral line. I managed to get hold of one and couldn't wait to take it for a test drive.

Although I've been using other shadow primers lately, I have been super happy with Loreal De-crease. I also kinda like the ELF Studio Eye Primer which comes in a chubby stick-form, although it doesn't perform like my beloved Loreal De-crease. I was anxious to find out if this new ELF Mineral Primer delivers just as good or better.

The ELF Mineral Eye shadow Primer comes in a lipgloss-type packaging, with a doe-foot applicator.

The colour is similar to Loreal De-crease - natural, but comes out sheer. The texture is a little more watery than De-crease and Too Face Shadow Insurance, but dries a little faster than De-crease. I was happy that this didn't dry my lids out like Urban Decay Primer Potion!

My eye shadow stayed on and on for the whole entire day ('till night time, woot!), with no creasing, no fading, and it kept the colours somewhat fresh. I didn't have to re-apply at all, which was great news! But then again, I don't have oily lids. My lids are quite dry, but they tend to get a little oily by mid-day. This is when my ELF Studio eye Primer fails miserably, which is why I only use that for days when I am out and about for just 2-3 hours. The ELF Mineral Eye shadow Primer seems to hold up way better than that!!

On the packaging, it says: No Preservatives. No Parabens and no chemical dyes. Great! But here's the clincher: take a whiff of the stuff and it'll make you gag. See, I am not a stickler when it comes to packaging or scent, I know some people are. If you are particular with how your product smells, this might turn you off. This stuff smells like feet!

No, hang on... *sniff*

It smells like dead fish!

Wait! *sniff*

Smells like monsoon drain!

In short, it SMELLS FUNKY!!

I don't know what it is, maybe I got me a lemon? It has not given me any kind of bad reaction and the smell does go away when you apply. Just don't make it a habit to sniff the wand when you want to use it - you might just change your mind!

I really think ELF has stepped up it game these days - it's been churning out quality products we all can get excited about. And they won't break your bank too! Yay!

If you're looking for something cheaper to replace your UDPP or TFSI, and you find Loreal De-crease doesn't hold up as well on your super-oily lids, this is a good buy. But don't expect it to perform like its more expensive cousins. There will be creasing at some point of the day or night if you have super oily lids. I've not been using my TFSI much as I tend to gravitate towards the more cheap stuff, but I think I might alternate ELF Mineral Primer more with my De-crease.

For the way it performs, you can't beat the price!! Happy to add this to my growing collection of eye primers!! Overall, I really really like this product (funky smell aside). It's another surprising winner from ELF!

The ELF Mineral Eye shadow Primer retails for $3 at



Laura said...

a mixture of stink fish and smelly drain turns into funky! LOL. nice one puss!

cant wait to get 'em at any available ELF spree on lowyat forum itself!

plue said...

oooh! thanks for the review, i had wanted to buy this, cuz i heard quite good reviews about it.

but i have kinda oily lids, and so far only TFSI n UDPP held up rather well for me.

Sigh, I hope this works. Am getting this the next round!

Connie De Alwis said...

oooh! I can't wait to get this one! Thanks so much for the review! While I'm satisfied with the UDPP, I must agree that it dries the lids.

Connie De Alwis said...

and yikes bout the smell! dead fish? feet??? O_O zomg! said...

Ladies, for the price range under $6-7, I think it does a pretty darn good job. But the smell ... everytime I put it on, I have to hold my breath a little. Hope yours is not as stinky as mine tho'...