Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beauty Binge: Perfection hype in a pan.

I am all for loose powder to set my makeup. But carrying a tub of powder when you're traveling is one messy affair, and I end up carrying a powder foundation compact, which I feel doesn't quite give me that flawless coverage I like.

When a chance to spree from the ELF website opened up, I naturally jumped on. I like ELF, be it the $1, the $3 or the $5 product. Sure, they're cheap, but so what? I'd like to think I don't discriminate, you can find surprisingly good products if you give it a chance (and do your homework).

The Complexion Perfection is a new product in ELF's Studio line and has been getting very positive reviews, but I was dismayed to always find it out of stock on the ELF website. Patience is a virtue, and I finally managed to get one! Yay!

ELF's Studio Complexion Perfection is an all-over face powder to set makeup, for touch-ups and such, as a colour corrector, and a face brightener. It comes in a large square pan with 4 pastel colour blocks which you can use individually or together. It can help neutralise the redness around your nose and cheek areas and give the face an instant, but subtle glow.

When swatched, the colours come off as white. If you over-load, it can leave a powdery white-ish cast on your face, much like MAC Blot Powder. So you need to be reasonable with the amount you use. I have used a mixture of the pink and yellow together to set my under eye concealer. Honestly, I think Everyday Minerals' Abbot's Perk Me Up concealer does a better job.

Maybe the colours are too pale to use on my skin tone, who knows. The green does tone down the redness of my blemishes when I dust it on, and as an overall powder, it does give me a nice glow and finish to my face. I use the ELF Studio Complexion Brush to swirl the colours together, and they are a perfect combination. It doesn't come with a sponge like most powders do, but using this with one will make you look chalky! So best use a big fluffy brush!

The oil-control is also OK - not great, but I did notice my face oxidized a little more at the end of the day. It mattifies OK, but it certainly doesn't last.

I like the packaging, very sleek, very classy; much like
Nars. I love the big mirror, except when I opened this the first time, the mirror fell off, as it was held together by one strip of double-sided tape! Cheapo! Now you know huh!! I had to glue the mirror back in!

I think as a colour-corrector product, it's quite mediocre.
I like the idea of having this in my arsenal as an all-over face powder, but I wouldn't re-purchase this.

I really wanted to love this. It was not meant to be :(

Gawd it's only for $3!

You can purchase ELF from

Have a good one!



plue said...

oh dear! and i had such high hopes for this! :(

i wonder when mine will be here...

have u tried their bronzers? :D said...

Hi Plue! Yeah, I did too :( Maybe you'll have better luck with this. I've tried the Warm Bronzer - pretty good. Not as shimmery so you won't look like a disco ball. Pigmentation is very natural as well. Do a review when you get yours, k?

Connie De Alwis said...

ooh, luckily I didn't order this as I was really tempted to! thanks for reviewing. I ordered the bronzer. can't remember the shade color. Golden I think? not the middle color. HOping for it to work like my Healthy Glow in Luminance! said...

Hi Connie, I didn't get the Golden Bronzer because I hear it's ultra shimmery. I cannot handle too much shimmer! But you know it's a long shot to get ANYTHING to be as gorgeous as Luminance!! Let us know when you get it ya!

plue said...

uh oh. i bought the golden bronzer! now i am worried it's too shimmery! i wanted warm but it was OOS :(

sigh, i hope cool bronzer works though :P said...

Hi Plue, hopefully those 2 bronzers will work for you!! *fingers and toes crossed!*