Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beauty Binge: ELF Studio Cool & Warm bronzers.

How sleek are these babies?!

These are 2 out of 3 new bronzers newly introduced in the ELF Studio lineup, and I quickly snatched these 2 before they went out of stock! The 3 new bronzers come in Golden, Warm and Cool, and with my warm, tan skin tone, it would have been a natural pick to get Golden and Warm. But I got Cool and Warm instead.

I initially wanted just the Cool bronzer as it was the only one which is matte. Golden is very shimmery and Warm does have a little shimmer in it. Since I don't carry shimmer well, naturally, the Cool bronzer was my choice.

Cool bronzer.

The new ELF Studio Bronzers come in a large square pan with 4 blocks of different bronzing shades. You can either use one or two, or you can swirl a big brush to get all 4 shades. The cool bronzer has darker colours, and when I dust it all over my face, I looked like a lobster!! I was RED!! Like I was burnt!! Not a great look, I tell you, even on my naturally tan skin! The red undertones in this bronzer are too strong to use as an all over face bronzer, so I am going to restrict using this as just a contouring shade (as if I need another one!). The colour payoff is pigmented enough to define my cheek area.

The warm bronzer has a different story. I think this is the biggest hit among the 3. The warm bronzer has more gold undertones but surprisingly has less shimmer than I thought. It definitely is not matte, but does carry a little shimmer, though not enough to make me look like a grease ball.

Warm bronzer.

The colour is very natural on me, alters my shade so subtly and gives me a nice hint of glow, which is great. Glow in this humidity can easily turn into shine in a matter of minutes, so I am always very weary of products which claim to have "shimmer" in them. This one, safe to say, is lovely! I can't really use this to contour as the colours don't show up enough to define on my skin tone, so I am happy to have this as an all over face bronzer!

The bronzers, as with the other products, come in sleek black plastic packaging with a huge mirror on the cover. There's a lot of product in the pan, and I was also delighted to find out that the powder is firmly pressed, unlike ELF's regular 1-dollar Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder, where you'd get powder everywhere the moment you dip your brush in! The Studio ones are better made.

For the price you pay, this is a pretty good quality product! The ELF Studio bronzers retail for $3 each at

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Connie De Alwis said...

looks like I won't hesitate so much to get the Warm Bronzer! Thanks for the review

Eli said...

Thanks for reviewing this! I have been keeping an eye for reviews on this. Quick question though: which has more shimmer? The Warm Bronzer or the e.l.f. Studio Blush/Bronzing Powder? said...

Connie: I think you'll enjoy the Warm Bronzer. Cheers!

Eli: Good question - I had to take a closer look! I think the blush/bronzing powder has a little more shimmer than the warm bronzer, but I didn't notice much difference when I had them on. Hope this helps!