Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Travels:Laos Weather? Oops!

december 10, 08 wednesday
OK. Here I am, excited as hell over my impending trip to Laos. I really like that husband J and I have started travelling during the X'mas and New Year holidays. Sure beats spending the hols in KL. Go to a place that is far removed from the craziness of the holidays.

So I have put aside all the clothes I want to bring to Laos, mostly tank tops and my 'backpacking' pants, when J rung me up this evening and told me to check on the weather. The weather!! I keep thinking South East Asia = hot and humid all year round. WRONG!! An ex-colleague warned it could be chilly. Dang! I don't want to lug sweaters around!!

Apparently, from November to February the temperature is cool and humid, it gets as high as 30 degrees Celsius and drops to about 14 at night/late mornings. This is the best time to be visiting Laos. So J suggested, one (or two!) jeans, and a light jacket/jumper. I can still run around with my tank tops during the day!!
Slight adjustments with the clothing arrangement, nothing too severe!! I think I can live with that, for now!!