Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Travels: Planning for Laos!!

december 9, 08 tuesday
When Husband J and I were tossing names of countries we'd like to visit
, Laos was not even in the list. There were Cuba (too far!), Maldives (for some unknown reason, J's never keen on this island), Mumbai (thought it would be cheap now after the terrorist attack!), and Sri Lanka. Out of all that, Sri Lanka looked like a possibility. Then, we checked the weather. Monsoon. Typhoon. Politically still unstable. Sigh. Back to the drawing board..

Laos was casually thrown in during a conversation. Yes! Laos!! Why not?? J and I had so much fun last year in Cambodia, we thought it would be great to do it all over again this time in neighbouring Laos!! Plus it's nearby, it's cheap, and I don't need a visa!! WOOT! I love hassle-free travelling. (J has to get his on-arrival for USD40). J has been to Vientiane a few years ago. It would be great to go back and see how much development Laos has gone through. Like Cambodia last year, J was in awe at how much the country has progressed since his last visit (about the same time he visited Laos).

We are going to spend 2 weeks in Laos. 2 weeks on the road with J. Hmmmm...Buuuuut, we'll be alright! We always survived! More like J always survived me!! tee hee This will also be my first time backpacking. Well, maybe not 100% backpacking, but we reckon some places are catered mostly for backpackers and budget travellers.

My challenge I'm throwing to myself this holiday, is to stop the drama and be an enjoyable travel partner to my poor husband. So, we'll see how this goes..

I am so excited that I've already planned out the clothes. I took out all the tops I want to wear for this trip, and from there, started trimming. And it ended up looking like this:

Does that look like travelling light?? I think so. I don't know. I always over pack. I always end up with clothes I don't wear. I doubt I'll do much shopping, so hopefully all that (above) is enough. Just a couple more undies and my toiletries, than I'm done. Err...I hope!!

We'll find out how this all progresses. Though I suspect J will shake his head at the sight of my planned wardrobe!! And he'll say: there's laundry, babe!