Thursday, December 18, 2008


december 18, 08 thursday
Ever since I cleared out the cobwebs from this corner of my room, I've been spending most of my free time at this table. In a previous blog, I talked about how I turned this corner into my 'beauty corner', where I added a few plastic drawers to store my collection of makeup.

But lately, I've noticed how the small orange plastic drawers I had were getting too small for my growing beauty stash, so today, I went out and bought bigger drawers. My makeup items are now sitting comfortably it their respective drawers without having to squeeze for space!!

So here's an updated look on my work station:

(Aiyah! I forgot to include the mirror in this picture! Oh! Well!)

This area has turned into more than a vanity table
- it's where I do most of the banking stuff, jotting down notes, budgeting, surfing the 'net, etc. And yes, most times, it is this tidy!!

So it's more than a beauty corner, it's also now my work station!

I bet you Husband J won't even notice!! He's in Singapore, by the way, and will be back tomorrow night.

And then, we're off on our little adventure in Laos!!