Friday, December 19, 2008

Travels: Laos, here we come!!

december 19, 08 friday

All packed up and ready for tomorrow's trip.

The flight is on Thai Airways (Business Class - J's work is paying, as part of his contract!!) and it departs KLIA at 7.55am. Which means, we need to have the cab pick us up at 5.30am and send us to Sentral.

We'll make a stop-over at Bangkok International for a few hours, and then off we go on another Thai Airways flight to Vientiane. We should be reaching Vientiane by 1pm. That's not so bad. I think it'll be an interesting flight.

J's coming home from Singapore tonight and then we're packing whatever's left, get some sleep and rise really early tomorrow.

This will be the longest trip I've taken so far. Usually, I'd be gone for just 1 week. This trip is for 2 weeks. I hope the cats will be OK and that brother Jen will take good care of them. I've stocked up on their food and have done the necessary cleaning up around the house.

I'll also be out of circulation for this 2 weeks, since neither J nor I are taking our laptops with us. So the updates will come after we get back on Jan 4th next year.

So off we go on our little adventure in Laos!! Happy holidays!!