Monday, December 1, 2008

Smiling Moon

december 1, 08 monday
It's the first day of the final month of the year, and as usual, there will almost always be some kind of disaster to close the year. This year is no exception. The end of 2008 saw bloody attacks on civilians in Mumbai, India, locals and foreigners. It is so sad.

But today, the first day of December, the moon is smiling. Thought it would be interesting to document this. I didn't take a picture, because it was too far (or I am too short!), and my camera is not able to do it justice. But it looks like this:

There were also 2 bright stars at the top of the 'smile', making it look like a smiling face!!

Perhaps the worst is behind us? Here's hoping that we can look forward to a happy 2009!