Thursday, April 24, 2008

Puss has a new toy!

april 24, 08 thursday
YAY! I got my first MAC!! I've lusted over their notebooks for ages and finally got one to call my own!!
OK. Here's the deal...its a hand-me down 4 year-old iBookG4, which belonged to husband J. It's a little rusty, start-up a little slow, and I have issues with downloading pictures (not to mention learning the different commands!), but still, it's a bloody MAC!!

Husband J has an even 'better' toy. A 17" MacbookPro which costed him an unnecessary amount of money. What is it with boys-the bigger the better.

So what am I to do with my old HP big fat laptop?? It's still in great condition so I''ll use it for work (until that lasts!) and I'll get to know the iBook better at home.

So now, I have to compete with that godd@mn huge MacbookPro for J's attention. Because he's going to be so immerse with his new notebook, he won't know I exist...

Sigh, such is my life....

But heck! I have a MAAAAAAC!!!! :D