Tuesday, April 22, 2008

10 of (some of) my favourite stuff

april 22, 08 tuesday
Just being a gurl, I guess...Was looking around and realised I have great stuff around me. I limit them to 10, because if I didn't, there'll be more pictures to download, and honestly, it'll be too painful for me. Patience is NOT my greatest virtue.

No. 1 on my list is of course my rings. Not because I know my husband J reads this, but because I trully love these rings. I have never been a big fan of diamonds (gasp!), and I remember telling my hubs (when we just got engaged - he proposed without a ring!) that I wanted a pearl ring (!!!). Husband J insisted I get a diamond engagement ring so I saw this one at the shop and immediately fell in love with it. It's not in the traditional setting, but it was contemporary and unique. The wedding band was a plain platinum band, initially was too tight that husband J had a tough time sliding it onto my finger! Old (Malaysian) wives' tale dictates traditionally, when the ring is stuck at the bride's knuckle during the wedding ceremony, it is believed that the woman will wear the pants in the family. Hmmm...

No. 2 is a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee. And honestly so far, La Bodega in Telawi Bangsar is the only place you can get a decent cup of real brewed coffee. I quite like the black coffee at San Francisco Coffee too. If you know what good coffee is, than you'd know you can't get good quality coffee anywhere else, not even at the other coffee places in this country. Coffee in KL (Malaysia in general) SUCKs!!

No. 3 is my TRF Jeans from Zara. Not Zara Woman. Not Zara Basic. But TRF Zara. It took me a looong time to find a pair with a good fit, because I have quite a weird body shape, no hips, small waist but full thighs. TRF Zara jeans, straight or skinny, hugs my bum and (lack of) curves nicely and makes me look tall and lean. And they are oh-so comfortable! Nice! But only worth buying during sales...they're quite over-priced. Or maybe I'm just cheap...

No. 4 only happened right after I got married (which wasn't too long ago!). I have never been a huge fan of The BodyShop products. I find their stuff overpriced and underwhelming. But somebody gave me BodyShop's Body Butters as a present and I've been hooked ever since. I have super-dry skin. Besides Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, nothing else works! I love the smell of these body butters too! But if you have normal skin, these may be a tad bit greasy though...

No. 5, I was an avid diary writer when I was a teenager. Back then, it was all about boys. These days, it's a Moleskine diary (introduced to me by my radio co-host) and its all about....work!! And expenses!! My first Moleskine was black in colour with a weekly layout. This year I thought I'd go the extra mile and buy the Limited Edition (in red) with a day-to-day layout. It was big and fat and heavy. It takes up most of the space in my handbag. I can write a lot more in this diary, but honestly, I think I prefer the weekly layout better - it's not so thick and it easier to plan the week. God forbid I leave this at home! I'd be so lost without my Moleskine!
No. 6 my bright orange bikini, my first in a loooong time. I only found the confidence to wear one after losing weight and toning up at the gym. I have a few more pairs, but this orange pair has gone with me on practically every dive trip I've gone to.

No. 7 - gotta smell nice! Clinique Happy is a staple, and I've re-connected with Victoria's Secrets Body Mists which I so loved during my college days. And BodyShop's new range of perfume oils are long lasting and smell lovely!

No.8 is mineral make-up. It's touted to be the make-up of tomorrow. Mineral make-up has only natural, pure ingredients, minus the preservatives. Which means it's make-up good for your skin. I hardly wear conventional make-up anymore. If you have very sensitive skin which reacts to conventional make-up, you might want to consider going mineral.

No. 9 is a staple. I love make-up, but I love a clean face more! I received a free set from SKII some years ago to try out, and have never looked back since. This is a rich foamy non-drying cleanser and it costs RM143!! Steep, but it lasts more than 3 months and it's worth every sen!

No. 10, my favourite food. Give me couscous and mint tea anytime and I'm in heaven. My Moroccan friends at college many years ago introduced me to the wonderful world of couscous and I've loved it ever since! And it's been a loooong time since I've had the real deal, with lamb gravy and all. When I saw this at Tesco, I was over the moon. Just add hot boiling water, leave for 10 minutes and your ready to go. It serves 2, and it's only 200 calories per serving. Yum!