Monday, April 28, 2008

Back at work sulking

april 28, 08 monday
We (the team and I) were given a week off from work and it was too short. During that time, we were inundated with emails asking us to come back and some demanded(!) that we should never ever go on leave ever again.

Wah! We're not super humans, you know! We are flattered that you love us, but honestly, if we didn't take off, we'd end up killing each other, and you'd hear about it on-air. We need a break to regain our sanity. We were seriously burnt-out. And I am still burn-out.

As for me, coming back to work only proved one point - that I absolutely hate being here. It was the hardest thing to wake up and the only thing that keeps me going is the fact I am leaving in 2 months. I'm on radio, I should be having fun, but instead I am sulking everyday. I don't feel rejuvenated/refreshed etc. I feel like cr@p!

SIGH. I so want to get out of this hell-hole!