Monday, April 21, 2008

The battle of the Pouch

april 21, 08 monday
Some people may call in 'Battle of the Bulge'. But I'm in denial. Mine is more of a pouch. For as long as I can remember, I was skinny and flat like an airport runaway. I was so skinny that I was so unattractive. No curves, nothing. Except for a tummy. Granted it wasn't big then, but still the pouch was there.

Things got out of hand when I hit the 30's. I love being a 30-something but it was a time when my metabolism halted. I packed on the pounds and at 1.61m, I was heaviest at 65kg. From a US size 6, to a US size 10, I was completely out of shape!

So I started working out. 4 years later, I'm still working out. With a trainer, no less. My workouts were intense at 75%. After the diagnose and therapy with my gynae Dr Hamid, Trainer Ela dropped the intensity to 55% minimum. My body shrunk, and I lost 2 kilos of my muscle mass. Not good. Because it's too easy now to turn the lost muscles into fat. Doesn't really help that I have pig-out weekends.

So I am appalled to see this picture I took in the morning (aren't you supposed to be the slimmest in the a.m??). This was after 2 slices of wholemeal breads with peanut butter and a cup of coffee. (Haven't dropped the 'kids' at the pool yet). Sigh. That pouch is so killing my mojo! What the hell is that?? Here's another picture from another angle (actually this picture don't look so bad....):
I remember reading an interview with Carmen Electra who said her pouch was her biggest problem, and she used to work out like crazy to get a flat stomach. Now she just embraces it because the pouch represents womanhood.
Perhaps she's right. The pouch on a woman represents her role as a mother. But I'm not pregnant (yet!) and I still want a flat stomach, embracing womanhood or not!
Grapes and edamame for dinner from now on??