Saturday, November 15, 2008

War wounds. NOT!

november 15, 08 saturday
It's a wonder how I constantly attract mosquitoes. Old Malay folks say it's because I have "sweet blood". Whatever. I looked it up - it's either because of your natural scent or some scent your wearing. Usually, at home, I go au natural. So it must be my natural scent.

It's annoying. And I have the tendency to scratch and scratch.... and before you know it, I've ripped out the top layer(s) of my skin. And what do you have?? Little scabs on my legs the next morning!! Gone were the days when I had smooth sexy legs. I have only pictures now to serve my memory of what gorgeous legs I had. Sure, they were not long, but damn! They were tanned and flawless!!

These days, my legs look like I've gone to war and come back!! They're so ugly!! I remember when I had to do a promo shoot for the radio station, I had to wear a short-ish coat. My legs were bare. And my co-host pointed out I should wear stockings or put body make-up on to camouflage my scars!

Tonight, I did it again - scratched like there's no tomorrow. Husband J is right here with me, and I don't see him being bitten by the nasty mossies. I do! It's unfair!! And I have once again added another "war wound" on my legs!

How do I instill fear in these mossies?? (I sure know how to do that with kids...)

Or how do I "unsweetened" my blood??