Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

november 20, 08 thursday

That was the exact question when I looked in the mirror these past few days! Ever since my facial session with my long-time facialist, Faza, a week ago, my skin has been acting up. I hate to think that Faza's amazing facial kills are not so amazing for my skin anymore. I've been trusting my face to her for 7 years now, and have never had a problem.

But I did slap on my new BB Cream from Etude House I bought recently. My skin went amok after that. I'm trying to console myself: maybe it's the BB Cream, because as much as I want to jump in onto the rave on BB Creams, maybe it's not for my skin. So after the third attempt at slathering on BB Cream in hopes of better skin, I am passing on the tube to Haidi, Adek's girlfriend. Maybe it'll work better for her since she's young.

This morning, my skin looks a little behaved. The big red zit on my left cheek has subsided, the small pimple-scar below the right side of my mouth has calmed down, and the other smaller pimples which were about to flare up, scattered above my lips and on my nose seem to have shrunk. Thank God!! My skin looks a little smoother today. All thanks to mum's aloevera gel and that marvelous calamine lotion!!

So I'm hoping for better skin tomorrow. Or else I won't be able to face the mirror tomorrow!!

Fingers crossed!!