Saturday, November 29, 2008

The BIG Weekend Project

november 29, 08 saturday
Although this project was 3 weekends ago...

OK. Here's what usually happens on the weekends, be it Saturday or Sunday (because one of the days we get to sleep in!) :

9am wake up!/mandi/clean up and feed cats/wake up Husband J
10am pick up cleaners
11am in Bangsar/Kiara/FAM for breakfast and/or lunch
1p home

Pretty much a routine. So husband J's 'light bulb' switched on. Why not we re-paint the room!! OMG! What a brilliant idea!! NOT!

Anyway. I found myself at the DIY store nearby refusing to committ picking out colours. After all, I am completely clueless where interior designing (?) is concerned. Plus, I don't want to make-over the room! That means changing things around and I am never too crazy about changes. I'm like a cat, changes make me feel....ermmm...unstable. OK. That didn't sound right, but you get what I mean.

So the whole (late) afternoon, I pretty much stayed out of the way while J filled the cracks and sandpapered the walls. Now, J said it would take him the weekend to get the job done. Well, if you start work, like, at 4pm, it would be impossible to finish the job, no?? J started grumbling to the tune of: if 2 people do the work, we'd finish faster. Eh?? Didn't we agree for me to stay out of the way? The room was in a complete mess with dust, paint stains, newspapers and furniture everywhere. For a bit, looking at the state of my bedroom, I was beginning to think this was a baaaaad idea.

I picked up a roller and rolled new coat of paint on the walls. That was my first time ever painting walls. I was not optimistic. It didn't look like we were going to finish it over the weekend. We spent 3 nights sleeping in one of the rooms upstairs (thank God this house has many rooms!!) and were struggling to get the room finished as soon as possible.

We ended up finishing the walls and cleaning up the room in 4 days, which included pushing the furniture back where they belonged.

I was initially upset that J painted the window grills as well, as I wanted them to remain black. turned out quite...classy.

Now, we have a room with clean walls with some colour! We had white walls and they were awful! I HATE white walls!!

Hmm. J did a good job! Whaddya know! Our room really looks like.... a room! Nice!