Saturday, January 31, 2009

Travels:Laos. Pak Ou Cave

Luang Prabang
Day 10
Monday December 29, 2008

After breakfast, we told the Bel Aire Villa ("far-away villa") people that we were leaving today. Husband J had to clear some paperwork with the agency that booked us. We brought down our bags and were sent by the villa's driver to town, where we dragged our bags to our new home - Channuane Guest House. After settling in, we took a walk down the Mekong river bank to look for a boat that can take us to see Pak Ou Cave, a cave where all the old and no-longer-in-use Buddha figurines are kept. The ride cost us USD45, and honestly, I swear we were ripped off, although J kept insisting it was a standard price.

The journey on the water took us nearly 2 hours, with stops to fill up petrol along the way. It was a nice ride, but the wind made it a bit chilly for me. Thank God I have my wrap!!

The entrance to Pak Ou Cave

We arrived at the cave and paid 20,000 Kip for entrance. There were many old and disfigured Buddhas there, and I didn't find the cave all that fascinating. For USD 45, this outing was a quick one. In and out. Unless you're a huge fan of Buddhism, Pak Ou Cave is nothing to shout about, and a waste of your afternoon and money. Oh! Well!

Disfigured and unused Buddhas inside Pak Ou Cave

When we got back, I had sticky rice and tomyam at about 4pm. It was a long day. The tomyam was hot and spicy, yes, even spicier than Thai's in my opinion.

We didn't do much at night. I didn't have dinner. Was a bit conscious of the fact I had late lunch and sticky rice at that! I do not want to come home fat!! I just bought a watermelon shake for 5,000 Kip at the Hmong Market and later an overpriced apple juice from JoMa. The Lao people sure love their fruit shakes. I would've enjoyed it more, if the weather wasn't cold!!

Tomorrow's another day in Luang Prabang..