Sunday, January 25, 2009

Puss in lazy mode


@ home

I have a few more days left on my Laos journal, and yes, I should be doing them instead of this meaningless entry, but.....Oh! Well!!

Tonight is Chinese New Year eve, and the firecrackers are already going off. It'll be in full force at midnight and beyond, so disturbed sleep tonight. Joy.. Thank God tomorrow's a public holiday. Not that it means anything to me since I am on holiday all the time!

However, I'm in Lazy Mode. Lazy and Bored Mode. My sister just text asking whether I want to go somewhere this Tuesday, because she's bored. *shrugs*

It's Chinese New Year, many of the shops will be closed, although some will open from the first day itself. Funny how the whole country goes *dead* during this celebration..

I will be back with the remaining stories from my Laos trip.

Stay tuned*

Meantime, Happy Chinese New Year of the Ox/Cow/Moooo....