Monday, January 12, 2009

Travels:Laos. Rotee and Lab on a cold day.

Vang Vieng
Day 7
Friday, December 26, 08.

COLD morning!

The weather suddenly turned gloomy on us - it was slightly overcast, bad for photography, but great for a walkabout. And that was exactly what we did!!

We walked to Party Island to see the 'aftermath' of the Christmas parties. Last night, Husband J and I had to sleep through the throbbing of techno, but it stopped when it began to rain. Our hotel is quite a distance from the island and we could still here the drum and bass. Imagine if we stayed nearer in town - we would've been pissed off!! Party Island looked like it was having a major hang over! It was dead, of course, with hardly anyone insight. Walked by the river bank where sofa beds made out of bamboos lined the banks. Nice place to chill out, read a book or just take a nap. But today was a little windy and chilly, so the bamboo-made beds were empty. There were a few people enjoying the view from the hammock, and some were reading or playing cards. It was a very chilled-out day, in every sense of the word!

Party Island - the hangover!

We came back to the main town and was feeling hungry. Ever since I had a taste of the local rotee, I wanted more, fattening or not! Stopped by the rotee stall by the roadside and ordered a banana-honey rotee. We were amused this whole time we were in Vang Vieng, there were at least 3 restaurants playing 'Friends' over and over again!! The travel books were right about the bars playing 'Friends' all day and night long, we just didn't understand why! Of course J refused to sit in one of those restaurants! There was also a tuktuk loading up big tyre tubes to go tubing. This was one activity we initially wanted to do, but after the boat ride yesterday, and saw how incredibly slow ( and boring) the tubes float down the river, we decided not to do it after all. Can't imagine tubing today, the river must be colder than usual!!

A couple sneaking a kiss while watching 'Friends'... in the middle of the day. And night. Nothing but 'Friends' all the time!

Loading up the tyres. Let's all go tubing!

We quickly realised today is one day too long to be in a little town like this. Gorgeous view, exciting things to see, but really!! We're itching to get to Luang Prabang!!

Head out again to town for dinner. Ordered fish lab this time, and it came with sticky rice in a cute little traditional woven container. All for 20,000 Kips. I wasn't keen on the rice, but having it together with the fish lab was a whole new explosive taste!!

Lemme tell you, if I remember anything about Lao food, it's the lab. With sticky rice.

*my mouth is watering now... sigh!*

My new favourite food, and exclusively Lao - the Lab with sticky rice. To die for!

Driving the tuktuks and trucks in the river - for a quick wash!