Sunday, August 10, 2008

Is KL so 'ulu'?

august 10, 08 sunday
I am still in my 'make-up craze' phase, whereby everyday I Google something about make-up trends, favourite celebrity products and You Tubing make-up tutorials.

I've been obsessed with drugstore brands lately, and I am kicking myself now for not spending time at Priceline or go to Kmart/Target and browse through their range of make-up while I was in Sydney. As always, when your out with the husband, its always rush rush rush. I never get to take my own time to do my own thing, which is essentially stare at the make-up display and playing with the colours.

So anyway. I'm so into NYX Cosmetics lately. Here's the clincher: IT'S NOT AVAILABLE IN MALAYSIA! I went on to their website and NYX is available in the Middle East, West Africa, Japan, Singapore (but of course!), Thailand and Indonesia! Apparently, it is huge in Jakarta, like the #1 cosmetics there! What? They didn't know KL existed? It's not an important enough market for a drugstore brand? Is it not upmarket enough for a drugstore brand like NYX?? Grrrrrr! And I have to put up with nonsense like Korean and Japanese brands!! Grrrrrr!

NYX is so cheap, it sells for less than USD10 in the US. I'm lusting over their jumbo eye pencils and lip glosses and their brushes. And their eye shadows are as good if not better than MAC. We don't even get cheapies like Rimmel!! Or Cover Girl (they pulled out 10 years ago!). And the international brands here sell crap!! Limited colours, limited products, limited choices!!

I can understand Singapore getting the upper-hand in everything-they are 5 years ahead- but really, Bangkok? Jakarta??

Yes, KL is a smaller market, but c'mon! We're not that ulu, are we??!?