Thursday, July 17, 2008

Travels: Sydney on Wednesday

july 17, 08 thursday
Today, husband J and I thought we'd get some shopping out of the way. Since the Pope will be in town, we didn't want to have to wrestle through the massive crowd in the city.

We started the day off at a nice little cafe just down the street. One thing I love about Sydney is the small cafes and their awesome coffee. Breakfast was good, albeit a bit late (We slept in!Damn! That electric blanket!).

We had to find our way to the Metro (a local shopping centre) so that husband J could renew his driver's license. We took a cab down to the city centre and went to the shops carrying J's sizes. This was his once-a-year shopping spree, that poor fellow!! But he got his jeans, and 3 pairs of footwear, which included slippers. I've been harassing him to go buy slippers, but every time he came back from Sydney, it was more casual shoes. So I am glad this time he bought slippers!! You need slippers in KL mate!!

All this time, the weather is gorgeous, not too hot, not too cold. I was walking around in my t-shirt top and lugging my winter jacket around. It was a beautiful day! We ended up having lunch at 4pm at the harbour, and was once again amused at the 'pilgrims' running around singing and taking pictures at the harbour.

At 5pm, it was getting dark and cold, so we quickly took a train back to Marrickville, getting off at the Sydenham station. I love taking the train, although it was packed to the brim! The whole train-taking idea is so metro!! I felt like it was New York or London....But yeah, it is Sydney... I love the idea of hopping on and off a train coming back from work... I wish I could figure out which line goes to which station goes to which suburb goes to which part of the city...