Sunday, July 13, 2008

Travels: Sydney, here we come!

july 13, 08 sunday
It's been a long awaited journey for me and especially husband J. I've not seen some of my in-laws since the wedding! So this trip has been long overdue. Husband J and I had plans many many times to go back, but always got sidetracked to Cambodia or Phuket. So, this time, at the height of winter (!!!), we've decided to visit our family in Sydney. We leave tomorrow evening for the 8-hour flight.

Yes, Sydney at this time, is in winter, when the rest of the world is enjoying summer. I can never get my head around it, having 'grown up' with the idea of winter in December, NOT July. But oh! well! I married an Aussie, so (almost) everything is a learning curve for me. I'm all packed and ready to rumble. This is the first time I've packed so little clothes. But yet, my suitcase is full to the brim. I know, I know, I usually over packed. But this time, I doubt I've over done it. The jumpers are eating up space and I've decided to hand carry my winter jacket. Imagine if I had that in the luggage too!! I'm not too thrilled going to Sydney in winter. I know some Malaysians love winter, so they can show off wearing stylish jackets and boots. I am at my worst during winters. I am the sloppiest when it's cold! No boots. No long stylish jackets. Just normal ankle high boots, and huuuuge jackets and jumpers, courtesy from my college days some 15 years ago! All my winter stuff are so out of date, but who cares??

Husband J looks excited. He's seeing his family again. And for all the grief I give him about meeting new people and not enough sightseeing, I am happy to see him excited. We'll be staying with his twin and girlfriend this time around. So this will be a good reunion I hope.

So off we go to (freezing) Sydney!