Thursday, July 10, 2008


july 10, 08 thursday
If there was one word I can delete from my long name, it's 'binti'. I mean, what the hell's a binti?? It's just eating up space, and making my already long name, longer. Plus, it doesn't make any sense. The fact I deliberately omit binti from my name has now caused a cheque to be returned. Returned cheques mean no money.


I did an event for a health company on my last day at work last month, and was issued a cheque for the amount agreed. Happily, I deposited the cheque, only to find a letter from the bank weeks later that it was rejected. A few calls to the bank later, I found out that the problem was the darn word 'binti'. I gave the clients my name without the binti. Yes, how stupid can I be, right? It's part of my name I never use. And so, the cheque was returned. Go figure. Just because of one word - binti. It is appalling how rigid our banking system is. OK, I get it, that it's for security reasons. But really, wasn't my IC number enough? Or my account number?? Now I have to get the client to issue me another cheque. And I pray to God that won't be an issue!

I learned not too long ago that you don't need to add the word 'bin' or 'binti' to your child's name anymore. Thank God! Because I can't imagine to have it as my kid's name together with husband J's last name. It will just sound odd! And too long!! Plus, I just don't like that word. I hope that option to leave out bin or binti is true. We need not be so rigid! There must be options!!

It's 2008 after all! Not 1908!!