Thursday, October 30, 2008

Introducing: My beauty corner!!

october 30, 08 thursday
I was a busy busy bee today. I scrubbed and organised my way to creating my own "beauty space"!! Here's what I'm talking about..


I have been thinking about having a space for me to do my makeup because, honestly, fighting with husband J for the wall mirror when we both need to get ready, is not funny.
Then there's this abandoned computer table at the corner of the room, rotting/collecting dust/eating space, and acts as a dumping ground for papers, keys, unused sun glasses and handbag, the gym bag, computer bags, software CDs, husband J's printer/scanner, etc. etc. etc.
So this morning, the light bulb "switched on".

And so I spent my morning wiping off the 10-inches-or-so of dust on the floor, on and behind the table, vacuumed (the entire room - why not) and moped the entire floor with Dettol. Threw away a bunch of stuff that should've been trashed years ago, and rearranged my plastic drawers filled with my makeup stuff.

I'm so happy I get to put that computer table to good use!! And the room smells so fresh and clean!!

As you can see, tonnes of space left on the table...can buy more plastic drawers ( = more makeup)!!!

I'm a freakin' genius!!