Sunday, September 21, 2008

Week 4 Post Surgery

september 21, 08 tuesday
Met with Dr Hamid a few days ago for a follow-up after the surgery. I've been given the "all clear". My wound is healing nicely, in fact it looks like just one line on my lower abdomen. It's amazing!! Looks more like a scratch than a cut. I'm so glad that the cut sits so low, definitely won't be visible when I have my bikini on. The doc gave me more multi-vitamin pills, folic acid and 2 months supply of clomid. Ugh! I hate hate HATE clomid!! It dries me up. It makes me extra moody. And it makes me (feel like) I'm fat!! But this time the doc seems more positive, so I guess we'll give it a go. 2 alternate months isn't bad I suppose.

Speaking of bikinis, I haven't been putting on one for like forever! I bought one white pair (I've always wanted a white bikini) during the Zara sales some months ago, and have not had the chance to wear it. The last beach-bound holiday was during Chinese New Year in February in Phuket. A few nights ago, husband J announced his desire to visit Sri Lanka and showed me gorgeous pictures of a resort on a highland. Don't make sense wearing a bikini there!!

I'm thinking of fasting this week. Which gives me 10 days of fasting this year. I feel I've healed from the surgery and that fasting the last week of Ramadhan is not going to hurt me. I can't wait to get over Eid. I find it boring and never am excited about visiting relatives... If only I can push the fast forward button...